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6oz Clamshells available at the Public Market in Downtown Wheeling, West Virginia!

Our Goals at Ohio Valley Mushrooms

Our main goal is to sell our products and invest in our vision. The beautiful thing about working with mycelium is that you soon realize it's all around us. From food, medicine, and even re purposing mycelium for building structures. There is a new appreciation for mushrooms happening recently!

 Jeremiah built this project by working his 9-5pm job at a delivery company while also finding time to spend with his wife and son.

"it's been a very difficult journey trying to create a priority list to get done. At the end of the day you always choose family, but the mushrooms chose me. Once  my project finds the funding I will chose to do this full time to create projects for education, re purposing, setting up low tech mushroom farms, making myco bricks, feeding the hungry, school grow kits, and whatever I can think of. I want to continue growing on as much agricultural waste as I can think collect. But most of the time we need consistent results to really make any kind of difference so I chose to grow the home lab/controlled environment style first off. I love collecting wild specimens and isolating genetics onto petri dishes. It brings the hobby together in both science and art."


Of course organizations like ours would happily take cash/card donation, but consider donating any of these items to our unique mycology project!

Construction Tools; drills, electric saw, blower fans, PVC pipes, lumber, plywood, extra chainsaws/blades etc. 

totes, bins, 5 gallon buckets, 55 gallon steel barrel, aquarium over 10 gallon, humidifiers, LED grow lights, duct tape, etc.

Push broom, large shop vac

medical equipment, microscopes


sterilizing equipment, large mixing machine, concrete mixer


We are looking to cut fresh hardwood parts about 8'' around to plug in 2021 

(email if you would allow access to tree or foraging for cultures on property).

if you find a good edible medicinal specimen please keep it in a sealed plastic bag and email for further directions).