Ohio Valley Mushrooms is a small farm project organized by Wheeling, West Virginia's Jeremiah Stevens. Inspired by WWOOFusa, Americorps, and a appreciation for microbiology. Mushrooms are not only food and medicine, they are a unique kingdom of intelligence.

You can find us this August 2020 in the downtown Wheeling, West Virginia area and the Public Market. Stay tuned for a new Lions Mane Brain/Nerve supplement better than ever. We have upgraded packaging and ready to give you the best service, grow kits, cultures, supplements, and gourmet mushrooms in our town. Our start up appreciates your business and all purchases go back into increasing supply and upgrading equipment. 


               FEEL FREE TO EMAIL               ohiovalleymushrooms@gmail.com


Ask me for a custom order. Grow kits, Grain Spawn, etc. I will be happy to sell it it I have it available. My products are made in front of laminar flow hood and a very clean environment